What’s New in Elecosoft (Asta) Powerproject Version 17

by | Dec 29, 2023 | Elecosoft (Asta) Powerproject

Elecosoft Powerproject Version 17 was released in mid-December 2023, this article:

  • Lists all the new features and
  • Explains in detail the features used in a single project environment without resources.

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Features used in a single project environment without resources:

  • A Timeline View which is similar to the Microsoft Project Timeline View is now available.
  • Tabs may be assigned a colour enabling simpler identification of projects and Views that are applied to projects.
  • Tasks may be broken down into smaller steps called Task Activities, similar to Steps in Primavera P6.
  • Autosave in now available and operates in a similar way to Microsoft Project
  • Specify Materials type when recording Task Work details.

The following are not covered in this paper:

  • It is now possible to restrict who may schedule individual Charts in a portfolio of projects,
  • Assign tasks a default allocation rate which overrides the permanent resource default work rate.
  • Use a Permanent Resource Quantity (a resource used for materials) to calculate logistic requirements for Consumable Resources (for example mobile equipment numbers required).
  • The work rate of multiple resources may be assigned the same work rate.
  • Assign access to Print Profiles to prevent users deleting them.

The Elecosoft website has a complete list of all the features and some very good and detailed information on the features released in Version 16 and 17 here:


What is New in Powerproject Version 17

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