Primavera P6 Training Brisbane – Tracking Progress of Project

primavera P6 Version 8.2_e-book training manualTracking Progress in P6 Projects in Brisbane

The schedule should be Updated (progressed) on a regular basis and progress recorded at that point. The date on which progress is reported is known by a number of different terms such as Data Date, Update Date, Time Now and Status Date.

The Current Data Date is the field Primavera uses to record this date. The Data Date is NOT the date that the report is printed but rather the date that reflects when the update information was gathered.

Whatever the frequency chosen for updating, you will have to collect the following activity information in order to update a schedule:

  • Completed activities

> Actual Start date

>  Actual Finish dates

  • In-progress activities

> Actual Start date

>  Percentage Completed

>  Duration or Expected Finish Date of the Activity

  • Un-started work

> Any revisions to activities that have not started

>  New activities representing scope changes

>  Revisions to logic that represent changes to the plan

The project schedule may be updated after this information has been collected. The recorded progress is compared to the Baseline dates, either graphically or by using columns of data, such as the Baseline Finish Variance column:

tracking progress p6 projects

Corrective Action

At this point, it may be necessary to further optimize the schedule to bring the project back on track by discussing the schedule with the appropriate project team members.

The possible options are:

  • Reduce the contingent time allowance.
  • Assign a negative lag on a Finish to Start relationship, which enables a successor to commence before a predecessor is completed.
  • Change relationships to allow activities to be executed in parallel.
  • Reduce the durations of activities. In a resourced schedule, this could be achieved by increasing the number of resources assigned to an activity.
  • Work longer hours per day or days per week by editing the calendars, or
  • Reduce the scope and delete activities.

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