How to Display a Task ID that Won’t Change in MS Project

99 Tricks and Traps for Microsoft projectHow to Display a Task ID that Will Not Change in Microsoft Project

One frustrating part of using MS Project is that the Task ID is not unique and as new tasks are inserted then the ID changes.

The Unique ID field helps resolve this issue, which is often very important in dispute resolution. Each task is assigned a Unique ID when it is created. This number is not used again in the schedule, even if the task is deleted.

There are two other columns that may be used to edit and display relationships using the Unique ID:

  1. The Unique ID Predecessor, and
  2. The Unique ID Successor.

The Task Unique ID allows users to identify easily which activities have been added or deleted or when a revised schedule has been submitted.

On the other hand, if one wants to reset the Unique ID, or hide the addition or deletion of tasks, then create a new schedule, transfer the calendars, etc. with Organizer, and copy and paste all the tasks into the new schedule.

Note : There is also a unique Resource ID and a Resource Assignment Unique ID.

Hiding Task Information in Microsoft Project

Sometimes it is desirable to hide some information in a bar or cell about a specific task.

Hiding Bars in MS Project

To hide a bar:

  1. Open Task Information from the General tab, and
  2. Check the Hide task bar option.

Hiding Text in MS Project

To hide text in one or more cells:

  1. Select the cells,
  2. Select Format, Font… to open the Font form and make the Text color the same color as the Background, which is usually white.

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