How to Display an S-Curve and Cummulative Histogram in MS Project

99 Tricks and Traps for Microsoft projectDisplaying an S-Curve in MS Project

A single S-Curve may be created graphically and displayed by Microsoft Project by:

– Displaying the Resource Sheet in the top pane and selecting all the resources,

– The Resource Graph in the bottom pane,

– Right-clicking and displaying the Cumulative Costs, and

– Right-clicking, opening the Bar Styles… form and formatting as shown below:

display s-curve in ms project

When more than one S-Curve is required then it is suggested that the data should be exported to Excel using the Analyze Timescale Data in Excel… function from the Analysis toolbar and graphed there or a product like DecisionEdge used.

Displaying Cumulative Histogram in Microsoft Project Software

This may be achieved in a similar way as an S-Curve by:

– Selecting Cumulative Work

– Selecting the Bar option in the Bar Styles… form under Total allocated work for Selected resources

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