Primavera P6 Tips and Tricks – Primavera Software File Types

primavera P6 Version 8.2_e-book training manualTips and Tricks on Primavera P6 File Types

There are several Primavera propriety file formats that you need to be aware of:

  • XERUsed to exchange one or more projects between Primavera databases regardless of the database type in which it was created and exports all project data. Earlier versions of XER files may be imported into later version databases. A layout (formatting) is not part of an XER file.
  • PLFUsed to exchange Layouts between Primavera databases regardless of the database type in which it was created.
  • ANPUsed to save the position of activities in an Activity Network.
  • ERPUsed to exchange Reports between Primavera databases regardless of the database type in which it was created.
  • XMLA format introduced with Primavera Version 6.0 which is used to import data from the Project Manager module. This is the same software language but a different format to a Microsoft Project XML file.
  • PCF – Used to exchange Global Changes between Primavera databases.

Non Primavera File Types

Select File, Import… to open a wizard that will guide you through the process of importing projects into your schedule.

Project (*.mpp).This is the default file format that Microsoft Project uses to create and save files. Microsoft Project 2010, Microsoft Project 2007 and Microsoft Project 2000 – 2003 are three different formats.

Primavera Version 8 will not import any mpp file when Microsoft Project 2007 or Microsoft Project 2010 is installed as these disable the mpp import function.

Primavera will import and export to the following non Primavera file types using the wizards found under the menu commands File, Import… and File, Export…:

  • Project 2000 2003 (*.mpp).This is the default file format that Microsoft Project 2000, 2002 and 2003 use to create and save files. Importing these files requires Microsoft Project 2000, 2002 or 2003 to be installed on the PC.
  • MPX (*.mpx). This is a text format created by Microsoft Project 98 and earlier versions. MPX is a format that may be imported and exported by many other project scheduling software packages.
  • Microsoft Project XML format is supported in Version 6.2 and later. This allows import of a file created by Microsoft Project 2010, or 2007, or 2000 to 2003 XML without the installation of Microsoft Project.
  • Primavera Project Planner P3 and SureTrak files saved in P3 format. A SureTrak project in SureTrak format should be saved in Concentric (P3) format before importing.

To import files saved in P3 format you need Btrieve loaded on your PC. Btrieve is loaded when P3 is installed. A demonstration version of P3 will load Btrieve onto your machine and enable P3 files to be imported.

  • XLS. Primavera Version 5.0 has a new function allowing the import and export of data in Excel format.

Read the Administrators Guide carefully before importing a project as this is a very complex operation and may import unwanted data into your database. It is recommended that you establish a sacrificial database into which you import projects so that corporate databases are not filled up with unwanted data.

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