Primavera P6 Software Tips Brisbane – Creating and Using Resources

Eastwood Harris_project management trainingCreating and Using Resources in Primavera P6 Software Brisbane

First, one would usually establish a resource pool by entering all the required project resources into a hierarchical table in the software. The required quantity of each resource is assigned to the activities. In an Enterprise environment in Brisbane, these resources may already be defined for you.

Entering a cost rate for each resource enables you to conduct a resource cost analysis, such as comparing the cost of supplementing overloaded resources against the cost of extending the project deadline.

Estimates and time-phased cash flows may be produced from this resource/cost data.

Creating and Using Roles

Primavera has an additional function titled Roles, which is used for planning and managing resources in Brisbane-based projects.

  • A Role is a skill or trade or job description and may be used as an alternative to resources during the planning period of a project.
  • Roles are defined in a hierarchical structure and hold a Proficiency Level.
  • Roles may be assigned to activities in a way similar to how resources are assigned. Roles can be replaced later by resources after it has been decided who is going to be assigned the work.
  • Primavera Version 5.0 introduced a function allowing a Role to be assigned a rate.

The Relationship Between Resources and Roles

Primavera has the ability to define roles and associate them with resources.

A role is a job title, trade or skill and may have many resources. A multi-skilled resource may have multiple roles. For example, a role may be a Clerical Assistant and there may be five clerical assistants in a company who would be assigned the Clerical Assistant Role. If one clerical assistant were also a data entry person, then this resource would be assigned two roles: Clerical Assistant and Data Entry.

Activity Type and Duration Type

Activities may be assigned an Activity Type and Duration Type, which affect how resources are calculated. Additional software features enable the user to more accurately model real-life situations. These features are covered in the Assigning Roles, Resources and Expenses chapter.


The Budget function enables Top-Down Budgeting at a summary level against each EPS Node in an accounting style. Budgets may be compared to the detailed estimates calculated after resources have been assigned to Activities

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