Primavera P6 Training Brisbane – Adding Activities to a Project in Brisbane

primavera_P6_V8.2 training using metrics brisbaneAdding Activities to Primavera P6 Projects in Brisbane

Project activities must be defined before they are entered into the schedule. It is important that you carefully consider the following factors:

  • What is the scope of the activity? (What is included and excluded?)
  • How long is the activity going to take?
  • Who is going to perform it?
  • What are the deliverables or output for each activity?

The project estimate is usually a good place to start looking for a breakdown of the project into activities, resources, and costs. It may even provide an indication of how long the work will take.

Activities may have variable durations depending on the number of resources assigned. You may find that one activity that takes 4 days using 4 workers may take 2 days using 8 workers or 8 days using 2 workers.

Usually project reports are issued on a regular basis such as every week or every month. It is recommended that, if possible, an activity should not span more than two reporting periods.  That way the activities should only be In-Progress for one report.

Of course, it is not practical to do this on long duration activities, such as procurement and delivery activities, that may span many reporting periods.

Good practice recommends that you have a measurable finish point for each group of activities.

These may be identified in the schedule by Milestones and are designated with zero duration. You may issue documentation to officially highlight the end of one activity and the start of another, thereby adding clarity to the project schedule.

Examples of typical documents that may be issued for clarity are:

  • Issue of a drawing package
  • Completion of a specification
  • Placing of an order
  • Receipt of materials (delivery logs or tickets or dockets)
  • Completed testing certificates for equipment or systems

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