MS Project 2010 Tips – How to Assign Task Calendars

99 Tricks and Traps for Microsoft project“How to Assign Task Calendars

A task may be assigned a calendar that is different from the Project Calendar by:

  • Displaying the Task Calendar column and editing the Task Calendar from this column, or
  • Double-clicking on the task to open the Task Information form and selecting the Advanced tab.

After a calendar has been assigned, an icon will appear in the Indicators column and the calendar name displayed in the Task Calendar column, as shown in the picture below for the Installation Requirements task:

  • The task Finish date, Total Float, Free Float and Variances from a Baseline will be calculated on the Task Calendar. This often leads to confusion for new users as tasks on a 24-hour/day calendar will have different Float than tasks on an 8-hour/day calendar.
  • When resources are assigned to a Task the Finish date is calculated on the Resource calendar; unless the Task has been assigned a calendar and the box in the Task Information form Advanced tab Scheduling ignores resource calendars is checked, then the task duration is calculated based on the assigned Task Calendar.”

Excerpt from 99 Tips and Traps for Microsoft Office Project

Paul Harris