Microsoft Project 2010 Tips and Traps – Resource Calendars

99 Tricks and Traps for Microsoft projectResource Calendars

Each resource is created with its very own editable calendar. Here are some important points:

  • Each new resource is assigned a copy of the current Project Calendar as its Base Calendar.
  • This Resource Base Calendar may be changed in the Resource Sheet or Change Working Time form to another Base Calendar.
  • Any change to a Base Calendar will be reflected in any Resource Calendar.
  • The Resource Calendar may be edited to suit the availability of the resource. Days may be made non workdays to represent holidays, etc.
  • Normally the duration of a resourced task calculated from the Resource Calendar.
  • A task will finish at the end of the longest resource assignment when there are two or more resources assigned to a task that have different end dates due to different Resource calendars or assignment durations.
  • When a Task has been assigned a calendar and the check box in the Task Information form Advanced tab Scheduling ignores resource calendars is checked the task duration is then calculated from the Task calendar.
  • The Finish date may be calculated differently after a task is assigned one or more resources when the Resources Calendars are not the same as the Task Calendar.

Excerpt from 99 Tips and Traps for Microsoft Office Project

Paul Harris