MS Project Tips – How to Set-up and Edit Gantt Chart Bars

99 Tips and traps for microsoft project - ebookRounding Gantt Chart Bars to Whole Days

In Microsoft Project, the Round bars to whole days is used to make it easier to see short duration bars on a long duration schedule:

– When this option is unchecked, the length of the task will be shown in proportion to the total number of hours worked per day over the 24-hour time span.

For example, an 8-hour working duration bar is shown below:

round gantt chart bars

– When this option is checked, the task bar is often displayed and spanned over the whole day irrespective of calendar working time:

round gantt chart bars2

Bar Text

Text may be placed on all bars using the Format, Bar… form or selected bars using the Format, Bar Styles… form.

Note: The length of the Bar Chart may be reduced by placing the text on top of the bar instead of the end:

editing gantt bar text

Format Gantt Chart Bar Colors

Colors are formatted in a number of forms and there is no single form for formatting all colors:

  • Nonworking time colors in the Gantt Chart are formatted in the Timescale form; double-click on the timescale.
  • Text colors are formatted in the Text Styles and Font forms, found under the Format command.
  • Gridline colors are formatted in the Gridlines form, also found under the Format command.
  • Hyperlink colors are formatted under Tools, Options…, Edit tab.
  • Timescale and Column Header colors are formatted with the system color scheme used in the Desktop, Start, Control Panel, Display option.

The Logic Lines, also known as Dependencies, Relationships, or Links, inherit their color from the predecessor’s bar color in the Gantt Chart view and may be formatted in the Network Diagram view by selecting Format, Layout….

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