Microsoft Project Training – How to Print Gantt Chart, Graphs and Usage Tables

99 Tips and traps for microsoft project - ebookPrinting a Gantt Chart and Resource Graph or Usage Table on One Page using MS Project

Microsoft Project allows the display of a Gantt Chart in the Top Pane and a Resource Graph or Usage Table in the bottom pane but does not print the two panes in one printout.


– One option is to print both reports to a pdf writer and then use the pdf software to create one file with both pages. The Gantt Chart and Table or Histogram will not be on the same page but will be one report. Programs like Adobe Acrobat enable this.

–  Another option is to use a screen capture program like SnagIt and copy both the top and bottom pane to Excel or Word to create a combined report.

Printing the Calendar

It is always useful to be able to print out the calendar for people to review the working hours and non work periods.

The options for printing project calendars are:

–  Display and print the Calendar view, or

–  Print a report using the Report (Edit in 2000–2003), Reports…, Overview, Working Day report.

Note: You may consider printing the report to a pdf format so it may be saved, emailed and viewed by people who do not have Microsoft Project or do not know how to use it.


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