How to Format the Relationships in Primavera P6 Version 8.2

Project Planning and Control Using Oracle Primavera P6 - Versions 8.1 & 8.2 Professional Client & Optional ClientFormatting the Relationships in Primavera P6 8.2

Relationships lines may not be formatted like in SureTrak, but unlike Microsoft Project they do not adopt the color of the predecessor activity which is often misleading.

  • The relationships may be displayed or hidden by clicking on the icon on the Activity toolbar or by checking and un-checking the Show Relationships box in the Bar Chart Options form, General tab.
  • The color of the relationship represents:

Ø  Red – Critical and therefore a Driving relationship,

Ø  Solid Black – Non-Critical Driving relationship and therefore has Free Float,

Ø  Dotted Black – Non-Critical Non-Driving relationship and has Free Float, and

Ø  Blue – a selected relationship and may be deleted.

  • A relationship is displayed on the Baseline bar, as discussed in paragraph 8.3, when the Baseline bar is above the Actual and Remaining bars in the Bars form. To place the relationships onto the Early bar, which is more logical, you should move the Baseline bars in the Bars form to below the Actual and Remaining bars in the Bars form.
Relationships on the Baseline Bar

relationships in baseline bar

Relationships on the Current Bar

relationship in current bar

Adding and Removing Relationships

Graphically Adding and Deleting a Relationship

To add relationships move the mouse pointer to end of the predecessor activity bar, which will change the mouse arrow to a . Then simply hold down the left mouse key, drag to the start of the successor activity and release the mouse button.

To create other relationships such as Start to Start, drag from the beginning of the predecessor to the beginning of the successor bar.

To confirm or edit the link or add lag after a link has been added, the Edit Relationship form may be opened:

  • Select a relationship line by clicking and it will turn to blue and an arrow  will appear, then
  • Double-click to open the Edit Relationship form:

edit relationships in p6

  • Click on the delete button to delete a relationship.

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