Project Planning & Control Using Primavera® P6TM Version 8.1 – Book Review

isbn#9781921059575 _Oracle Primavera P6 Training manual_V8-1Project Planning & Control Using Primavera® P6TM Version 8.1 – Book Review

I personally covered the planning and control book from cover to cover over the past few days, picking it up and putting it down at points in time easiest for myself.

I found the material very easy to use and work through, very informative with detailed literature and drawings were necessary. It is well structured for putting together a project from scratch and it will be an excellent reference book for use at the office or place of work.

The little extra tips you have highlighted in appropriate sections are extremely useful reminders.

For me I needed to refresh my experience and exposure of the tool after having a 1year career break and your book has defiantly fulfilled that purpose for me.  It has completely refreshed my mind with regards to the Primavera P6 tool set and its little methods of working which you detailed extremely well.

To be honest, I wished I had the material when I first started out, it would have saved allot of time, effort and questions. I have been on the official “Primavera” training course and numerous “in house courses” over the years and I would say, in my opinion, your material is the easiest and most comprehensive I come across and sat through.

I especially liked the references to previous version Primavera have released whilst going through the manual and the comprehensive list at the end, detailing changes each version brought to the user.  Some industries don’t use all the modification, so unless you activity search for yourself, you would be at a miss; crucial if you going for a new position in a different industry.

I would whole heatedly recommend the Primavera P6 training book and its contents to an organization, planners, contractors and anyone wishing to start their career in this complicated environment.

Thanks to Paul Harris’ understanding of the environment and his years of experience we all have a chance to accelerate our learning with this Primavera P6 training material.

Review by

Mr P.G.Noble

Primavera Project Planning Consultant

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