Setting New Activities in Primavera 8.2 – Duration Type and Percent Complete

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New Activity Defaults

After creating a new project and before adding activities it is important to set the defaults such as the Activity ID Numbers and Calendars.

By setting them correctly before adding activities you will save a significant amount of time because you will not have to change a number of attributes against all activities at a later date.

These defaults are set in the Defaults tab of the Project Details form:

Setting New Activities in Primavera 8.2

Duration Type

None of the Duration Type options affects how the schedule calculates until one or more resources is assigned to an Activity. The following options are available:

  • Fixed Units
  • Fixed Duration & Units/Time
  • Fixed Units/Time
  • Fixed Duration & Units

If you do not plan to add resources to Activities, then you do not need to assign a Duration Type and it may be left as the default.

This topic will be covered in detail in the Assigning Roles and Resources Expenses chapter.

Percent Complete Type

The Percent Complete type should be understood if it is intended to be used to update (status or progress) the schedule. This option may be set for each activity individually in Primavera and the default for new activities is set in the Percent Complete Type drop down box. Primavera has many Activity Percent Complete fields that may be displayed in columns and we will discuss four of them now:

Activity % Complete, which may be linked to one only of the three following % Complete fields and is always linked to the % Complete displayed on the Gantt Chart bars:

  • Physical % Complete, which is independent of activity resources and durations,
  • Duration % Complete, which is linked to activity durations, and
  • Units % Complete, which is linked to resource units.

There are three percent complete options; each new activity is assigned the project default Percent Complete Type and then this may be edited for each activity as required.

Therefore, for example, when the option of Physical % Complete is selected for an activity then the Activity % Complete and the Physical % Complete are linked and a change to one will change the other and this value would be displayed on the Gantt Chart.

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