Responsible Manager (OBS) Assignment when Copying a P6 Project

by | Nov 21, 2023 | Oracle Primavera P6 PPM

The P6 Responsible Manager assigned to a project is selected from the list created in the OBS table and decides who has access to a project and what level of access they have.

P6 Version 21 and earlier kept the same Responsible Manager when coping and pasting a project.

P6 Version 22 introduced a new Responsible Manager option in the User Preferences, Assistance tab for the assignment of the Responsible Manager to a copied project, allowing each user to two options for the OBS, either:

  • Keep the old assignment, as per earlier versions, or
  • Adopt the new parent assignment.

 P6 V22 Responsible Manager Assignment when Copying a P6 Project

 P6 V22 Responsible Manager Assignment when Copying a P6 Project

Often neither the parent assignment or keeping the original assignment are a logical option and the option to select a new code when pasting a project is not available.

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