Primavera P6 Training Tips – How to Assign Activities to a WBS Node

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Primavera Training Resources

Primavera P6 Training – Assigning Activities to WBS Nodesetting wbs activties1s

Activities are assigned to a WBS Node from the Activities Window.

They may be assigned using the following methods:

  • A new activity will inherit the WBS Node that is highlighted when an activity is created.
  • A new activity will inherit the WBS Node of a selected existing activity when the project is organized by WBS Nodes and an activity is created.
  • Select the activity and click the WBS box in the General tab in the lower window. This will open the Select WBS form where you may assign the WBS Node.
  • The  +  and the   –   are used to expand or roll up the WBS structure. Click on the  icon to assign the node.
  • Select one or more activities and move the mouse to the left of the activity description and the mouse will change into the shape displayed in the following picture. You may then drag the activities to another WBS Node.
setting wbs activties2

  • Insert the WBS column by clicking on the  icon and selecting WBS from the Columns form under General. Clicking in the WBS column of an activity will open the Select WBS form.

setting wbs activties3
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