Oracle Primavera P6 PPM Multiple Activity Views

by | May 16, 2023 | Oracle Primavera P6 PPM

Oracle Primavera releases new updates most months, and this page outlines how the P6 Version 22 Multiple Activity Views Displayed Side by Side function operates.

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This is one of the more useful enhancements introduced with P6 Version 22 and allows the two Activities windows open at the same time, side by side or one above the other.

There is an additional option in the Project menu titled Additional Activities View:, clicking on this command will open a second window:

P6 Multiple Activity Views

The two Activity views may then be displayed side by side or one above the other and resized using the toolbar icons New Vertical Tab Group and New Horizontal Tab Group. The Merge All Tab Groups will set the screen back to displaying one window:

P6 Multiple Activity Views Result

P6 Multiple Activity Views Result

The Oracle description was not clear to me, but I found by experiment that:

  • Each window may have a different Layout and thus formatted separately.
  • Each window may be printed separately by clicking in the window to be printed.
  • The Schedule Options and Schedule Check Report options may not be different for each view and scheduling one view will schedule both views.
  • What surprised me is that I was unable to create relationships from an activity in one window to an activity in the second which would be very useful in large projects.

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