Identifying Driving Predecessors in Microsoft Project

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Microsoft Project

A task may not be on the Critical Path and may have more than one predecessor.

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A Driving Relationship is the predecessor that determines the Early Start of a task.

  • Oracle Primavera P6 and Elecosoft (Asta) Powerproject always display the driving predecessors and successors in the P6 Predecessor and Successors form and the Powerproject Links form.
  • Microsoft Project 2007 introduced a Task Drivers form that indicates which is the driving predecessor and whether the schedule has been Resource Leveled. It also displays the effects of leveling.

In Microsoft Project 2013 the Task Drivers form has been renamed Inspect Task and additional functionality has been added. Select Task, Tasks group, Inspect, Inspect Tasks icon open the Task Inspector pane:

  • The picture below shows Task 10 is the driving predecessor of Task 11.

Identifying Driving Predecessors in Microsoft Project

  • The picture below shows that Task 15 has issues with resource overloading and makes some suggestions for resolving the issues:

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