How to Fix the Formatting Bars Issues in Primavera P6 8.2

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Formatting Bars Issues in Primavera P6 8.2

There are a number of issues with the Primavera P6 standard bar formatting in version 8.2 that need to be understood so the user may display the activity bars logically:

Actual, Remaining Critical and Remaining Critical Bars

It is recommended that you use the Primavera default bar display options displaying the Actual Work (this bar is displayed from the Start date to the Data Date), Remaining Work and Critical Remaining Work bars (these bars are displayed from the Data Date to the Finish date with the appropriate filter).

This is because the Early bar will not display actual progress as in other software packages. Please read the Understanding Dates section in the Tracking Progress chapter to understand how the dates are calculated that are used to draw each bar.

Total Float Bar

The Total Float Bar is called the Float Bar in the Bars form which is inconsistent terminology.

By default a Total Float bar is displayed on a completed task, but the Float value is set to “Null” (which is displayed as a blank). It is not logical to display a float bar when there is no float value:

formatting total bar float in p6

  • To prevent this from happening you should edit the total Float Bar Filter in the Bars form so it is only displayed for Not Started or In Progress activities:

formatting bars in p6 8.2

formatting bars in p6 version 8.2

  • This is what it should look like now:

formatting bars in primavera p6

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