Creating and Using Microsoft Project Templates

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project templates allow organizations to create standard project models containing default information applicable to the organization. In particular, a calendar with the local public holidays should be created along with Views with redefined headers and footers to suit your organization. Therefore, to save time when you create a new project, you should generate your own templates to suit the different types of projects your organization undertakes.

A Microsoft Project template has a *.mpt format and is a better option than using the normal *.mpp because the Microsoft Project inbuilt template function copies the *.mpt template file and there is no risk of overwriting your template with project data.

Unfortunately, the Microsoft Project inbuilt template function is not available or obvious to a user until a directory is assigned to Microsoft Project in the Options, Save form to save your templates into.

A project template has been loaded on the Eastwood Harris web site at Software Downloads page that has a number of the issues with Microsoft Project defaults, other settings and formatting issues resolved. You should consider downloading this file, edit as required and save this as your template. The web site outlines all the changes made to this template project.

A default load of Microsoft Project does not allow templates to be used unless the user creates a Template Directory and this is not obvious. Thus, to use Microsoft Project templates the following steps should be followed

  • Setting the Personal Template Directory
  • Creating a Personal Template
  • Creating a New Project from a Template

Please click on this link to download a full extract from my books to create and use Microsoft Project Templates.

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